Why you should use Twitter?

Why you should use Twitter?

We wrote about the importance of promoting yourself on Facebook several times. But Facebook isn't the only social network that can help you get your brand out there. And even though Facebook is still the largest and most useful promotional tool, it won't cover everything.

The thing about Twitter as a social network is that it's a bit different than Facebook. Here you can also write posts on your "wall" and share them with other users, but these posts can only be 140 characters long. Thanks to that, Twitter has become a platform of short messages, funny quotes, and effective links. And that is exactly the reason why you should start using it.

How Twitter works

The point of Twitter is simple. If you write a successful post, other users can either favourite it or share it with other users ("retweet"), and they can also follow your future posts. And the more retweets and followers you'll have, the more visited your profile will be and the more visible you and your work will be. It sounds easy, right? Well, it isn't.

Use Twitter to promote yourself

Keeping a quality and regular content on your Twitter, so that it would draw the attention of the most people as possible, is actually quite hard. But if you can do it, it will help you promote your work even more effectively.

The key lies in an effective combination of various links or retweets with your own organic content. Filling your Twitter with one pointless status at a time doesn't lead anywhere. If you want to promote your website or share your photos, you need to sell it as a personal story, which isn't always easy in 140 characters.

Login into your administration via Twitter

And if you actually have your Twitter account or you are planning to set up one, you can even use it for your JuicyFolio portfolio website, because you can login to you JuicyFolio administration via Twitter account, which is actually safer then by using normal password that someone can for example spy from you.

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