Why you should use multiple domains for your website?

Why you should use multiple domains for your website?

Offering a domain to your portfolio is a fundamental move for every web provider. But we in JuicyFolio go even further, because your website doesn't have to have only one domain. But then again, what are multiple domains per one website even for?

Owning multiple domains for one website can have several uses. For example if the name of your domain can be easily miswritten, you can, with a second or third domain, make sure that your customers will always find you. This is why for example the domains storyofshot.cz/.com and storyoftheshot.cz/.com lead to the same website.

The second use of having more than one domain could be to give a subpage on your website its own domain. For example mister Jan Kovac uses his website jankovac.cz not only as his personal portfolio, but at the same time for a better propagation of his photo courses in Ostrava. That is why a subpage jankovac.cz/fotokurzy on his website also has its own domain fotokurzy-ostrava.cz.

Domain leading to a subpage

The third option of using multiple domains is to offer your website in more language variations. You can then have for example .com and .cz domains for your website, that would be presented in two different language versions.

The beauty of this function then lies in the point that for your bilingual website, you don't have to own two websites, just two domains. If you set up every article, page, or gallery on your website in both languages, we will take care of showing each content just in its own language version of your portfolio.

You can apply each of the mentioned uses of multiple domains on JuicyFolio with our Assisted Setup plan.