Why is my website not showing in Google Search?

Why is my website not showing in Google Search?

You launched your brand new web on JuicyFolio on your own domain and now you are ready to send it to the World. But when you do that, you find out that it can't be properly tracked. Why is that and what can we do about it?

Adding to Search Engine

If you can't find your website in the Google Search, it doesn't have to necessarily mean that you landed on its blacklist. Google just takes a longer time (usually a few days or even weeks) to add a new website to its search engine.

Adding your website to Google Search

Adding Your Website to Google Search

With this Webmaster Tools function, you can add a link to your website to Google Search by yourself, whereafter you just type the required confirming code that you are human (and not robot), and it is done. You can accelerate things even more if you connect your new website with Webmaster Tools itself and with Google Analytics.

Highlight Your Content

Earlier, we wrote about that a quality content is the key to everything. Attractive and original content of your website can attract many visitors and highlight the position of your website on Internet search engines. If you decide to run a blog on your website (which we strongly recommend you), you need to regularly pay attention to it and update it every few weeks. You can find out more about how to best highlight your project in our SEO chcecklist.

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