Which design is the right one for you?

Which design is the right one for you?

JuicyFolio offers lots of beautiful and practical designs, not all of them however fit for every type of work. Our designs intentionally try to cover the widest possible range of  our customers' creative work, whether they want to focus on a text content or on large images that can speak for themselves. So which design is the right one specifically for you?

For the Writers

Lets start with those who want to write a lot on their website. Whether you will have your own blog or a series of thematic articles that will be the leading subject of your website. For the more text based websites, we offer the so called FlowTop designs. These designs support professional image galleries, with which you can for instance use their thumbnails or create a slideshow for your homepage.

In these designs, you can easily spot the website menu. These designs also support creating your own blog or other articles that will be visible and readable, plus with the option to enrich them with images and videos. The FlowTopStep-02 now even supports the option of adding an e-shop to your website.

For the Writers

The Importance of Visuals

If you are a photographer or an illustrator, and you want your work to speak for itself, the thing you need is one of our HD designs. Because they push the content and menu visibility aside so that they can pay mor attention to your photos that will spread to the whole screen (which is why they need to be of a good visual quality). You can read more about how the HD designs work and how to properly use your images with them in our article on this subject.

A Compelling Content with Compelling Images

And because one should not deal in absolutes, we tried with some of our portfolio designs to connect the good presentation of text content with various experiments with the presentation of graphic content.

For example the FullTopStep-01 design is inspired by the visual application Pinterest that displays each of its image materials in the form of a bulletin board. The Fixed-01 design then offers the same possibilities as the FlowTop designs, however if you reduce the window of your browser, the size of each image on your website won't change.

Eye-Catching Visuals

The FlowLeft designs then offer browsing images by horizontal scrolling. That will allow you a fluent and original browsing of images, galleries, or graphic designs, that can together create one fluent infographic.

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