What you need to know about our designs

What you need to know about our designs

How do JuicyFolio designs work? Which design is the best option for which website and what special features can you find within each one? Lets briefly summarize this in our list of everything you should know about our designs.

How to Start

If you decided to try JuicyFolio services, your first steps should lead to the overview of our designs, where you can try each of them and find out which is the right one for you, or which designs would you like to combine into an unique one. Then all you need to do is fill out your registration info and try the design you chose for 14 days completely for free.

Which Design Can Do What

We tried to enrich our designs so that they would cover the widest possible range of what our creative customers can do with them. Are you more of a writing type and you want to have your own blog, or you need to redirect the full attention to your photos so that they could speak for themselves? We think of you all.

Life is Change

Two weeks may not always be enough and it may happen that after you purchase the JuicyFolio services, you realize that the design you chose isn't the right one for you after all. Or it did suit you to this point, but you now decided you want to do something else with your project. Either way, changing your design on JuicyFolio isn't exactly a rocket science.

How to Structure Your Website

One of the key aspects of your website is not only the design, but also the way you use it. Specifically you need to decide how you want to structure the content of your website. That means if you want to show galleries, folders, or whole portfolios in your menu.

Using a Multimedial Gallery

If you picked a design for a practical writing of articles, you will surely appropriate the JuicyFolio function that makes the writing easy. Because you don't need to put images and videos to your articles via HTML code, but you can mix your audiovisual articles in galleries, where you can combine text blocks with images, videos, or other elements.

Slideshow on Homepage

The great way to welcome your visitors straight on the first page of your website is to show them the presentation of your work through a simple image slideshow. How such a slideshow works, which designs support it and how can you create on? Read more in our detailed article.

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