What not to forget when working with emails

What not to forget when working with emails

What you should remember when communicating with your customers by mail and what different mail improvements you can use? We prepared for you a check-list of everything you should know about professional emailing.

Respond Quickly

Think about when you email a question to somebody. You too are always glad when that person responds to you immediately and you can then take care of your business really fast. So try to act the same when somebody is mailing you. Because even though you may not be in the mood for it just now, the more you will put off the question, the more difficult it will be to answer it and the worst impression you will make.

Be Brief

Be not only quick when responding to your mail, but also brief. Email communication is not a platform that you need overly long sentences for, so write short and to the point. If your correspondent would want to read a novel, he can get one in the library.

Clear Your Inbox

It is always easier to deal with emails when there are just a few of them then where there are dozens or hundreds of them waiting for you in your inbox. But on the other hand, it isn't the best idea to delete all of your conversations either, because you might have to revisit them sometime in the future. Because of that, for instance Google offers special folders you can put your incoming emails in (with very practical labels in different colors). So if you hide all of your completed conversations into one of these folders, they will be always within reach and your inbox will at the same time stay clean and empty.

Use Catch-all Mailbox

Unfortunately, Google has made this service currently unavailable. We are working on an alternative solution. If you got also a domain to your website from JuicyFolio (www.yourproject.com), you will automatically receive a free email address - for example info@yourproject.com. But instead of managing another email inbox, you can automatically transfer the mail from this address to your personal inbox, from which you can then reply to these messages by the name of your new domain (as "info@yourproject.com"). You can read more about how to set your Catch-all mailbox in this article, that can also lead you to specific tutorials of how to set catch-all mailbox with different mail providers.

Respond with a Cool Head

Not every mail conversation will go smoothly. Sometimes it can even get pretty ugly. And if that happens, you need to keep a cool head, about what you can read more in our article on the topic of how to deal with negative criticism.

Use Contact Forms and Automatic Responses

Rather than sending you emails, it's much easier for your visitors to contact you via a contact form from your website that will send their question right into your mailbox. You can read more about contact forms (that we can gladly set up for you) in this post. But the topic of contact forms is also closely linked to automatic responses, where you can respond to a specific type of mails (for example with the same subject) automatically with a canned response (for obvious reasons, you can't use canned responses in more complicated conversations), that can save you a lot of time and work.

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