Use customer references in your portfolio

Use customer references in your portfolio

The best advertising you could have

If you use your website on JuicyFolio for promoting your own project – whether as a professional photographer or for example an owner of an on-line shop offering your own products - you can start using customer references even from the opposite end. Because it's always useful to hold on to some positive reactions from which the new customers can learn what exactly to expect from your work.

Don't be afraid to ask

The idea is simple. If customers are satisfied with services you provided them, ask if they would be willing to write a few lines about it. And speaking of which, it's always better to actually think of the reference as a favour instead of some kind of condition for acquiring a discount or additional services (and don't try to cheat and write the "reviews" yourself – it always comes back at you).

You can then add these references for example to your contact page or an additional page used just for the references, as did for example Natalie Rychetnik on her wedding portfolio website. We can also prepare for you, as we did for Natalie, a special reference form your customers can comfortably use for writing their reactions and opinions that you will then just publish on your site.

Final tip

If you don't yet have any references or you have just around three of them, just put them aside for now and publish them on your website when you'll have more. At the same time don't forget to regularly change them so you always have the freshest ones.

Don't be afraid to stand up for your work. If you give to your customers the best you can do, they will certainly appreciate it. And through them, you can get a lot of other new clients.

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