Tell your readers about the new articles on your blog

Tell your readers about the new articles on your blog

Contact forms are a very useful tool. We talked about that in our article about a Contact page on your website. But contact forms on your web can be used even better and with them, you can show your visitors more articles or other interesting examples of your work.

We mentioned the importance of writing your own blog on several occasions. But how to notice your readers about your new blog posts? Besides the propagation on social networks, you can add to your blog (for example at the end of every post) a contact or newsletter signup form through which your readers can send you requests for your website newsletter.

You could argue that this is exactly what RSS is for and you would definitely be right. But the problem is that nobody really uses RSS any more and contact forms can provide this service with much more personal approach and at the same time with more thorough propagation of your other work or your social profiles.

An Instant Reply to Your Customers

Now we get to the point of why you should use contact forms this way. As soon as an email from your customer is sent via a contact form from your web, immediately reply. This way you will achieve building a closer relationship with your customers and at the same time you can in your reply promote some of your social profiles or other interesting posts from your website.

You can reply to emails from your customers either by sending beforehand typed automatic message, about which you can read more here, or by individual communication with each of your readers. And the same goes for your newsletter messages as well.

We will gladly set up for you a contact, signup, or any other type of form completely for free with our JuicyFolio Assisted Setup.