Set up a JuicyFolio website in two languages

Set up a JuicyFolio website in two languages

While upgrading or just creating your portfolio website in the first place, you are maybe dealing with the question: in which language would I like present your project? In most cases it depends on what type of readers and potential customers you want to address, but you can't always choose only one from multiple choices.

So instead of standing in front of a pointless dilemma or setting up two websites instead of one, you can just build one JuicyFolio bilingual website.

You can ask our customer support for a bilingual website within the Assisted Setup tariff. The bilingual website will then work in a manner that in the upper right corner of your administration, there will be a button that allows switching your administration between two languages and so editing the text and image content on both websites separately (you also need to upload images to your gallery to each portfolio version separately).

On the portfolio website itself, you can then switch between both versions through a link in the menu (or somewhere else, if you'd like) of your portfolio, that would switch for example between "English" and "česky", depending on what version you are trying to select. To see how this bilingual website works in action, check the portfolio website.

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