Search Engines Optimization through Content

Search Engines Optimization through Content

If you want the content on your website to have not only a good search engine optimization, but you also want your visitors to return to you and share your content with their friends, you need to follow one simple rule. Your content needs to be of a good quality. That means readable, original, and grammatically and stylistically clean. If you will be able to deliver content that will be interesting and attractive, readers will come to you by themselves and your search engines visibility will rapidly improve.

Regular Dose of Quality Content

If you are for instance running a blog on your website, don't forget to maintain it and regularly fill it with new articles. There is no point in pumping your website with five articles in a row. Instead try to plan their releasing ahead with JuicyFolio release schedule.

Optimization through content

You can find an inspiration for quality content for example on or However do not in any case copy any content to your website that exists anywhere else on the Internet.

Final Embellishment

Also important are short image descriptions. If you are inserting an image to your article, you can fill in its description within inserting it. If you are uploading an image to a gallery, we recommend you to fill in its title and description.

Example of a blog

Those descriptions will however be visible with their images in galleries. So if you perhaps want to hide those titles and descriptions, you can make it happen in settings of your portfolio. Also if you paste a text link to your article, think wisely about which portion of the text should represent this link, because even this is a sort of information that search engines take into consideration.