Pages Settings and Visibility

Pages Settings and Visibility

Deactivating your page and showing it in menu

All of your individual pages on JuicyFolio, either your portfolio, gallery folders, or your blog, can be disabled or hidden from menu. You can find these settings in admini­stration of every page under Properties.

If you disable your page, it will then, with all its content, be put on ice. It is basically the same as if you would delete your page, with the key difference that you can resurrect it again at any time.

If you then hide your page in menu, it will remain active, but it will not be shown in the pages overview – the menu of your website. If you disable a site, it will automatically hide from menu. You can however combine both functions if you for example want to have an active page but don't want to show it to your visitors in menu.

Publish whenever you want

You can use the option of disabling your gallery for example so that you can set it up before anyone can see it. Simply set your gallery as disabled, put all the content you need in it, and then activate it. With gallery, you can also set a specific publishing date, similarly as with blog posts that also offer the option to save your blog post either as a draft, or as a published article.

Images for your pages and posts

You can also use disabled galleries for when you want to insert images to your text pages or blog posts, but you don't necessarily want them to be shown in visible galleries (for example when you want to put reference logos of your partners or images for your contact page).

All you need to do is to create a disabled gallery (or a whole folder) and in it upload images you want to use for your text content.