Managing Blog Posts

Managing Blog Posts

If you plan to run a blog, you will surely want to know what JuicyFolio blog post management can offer you. After creating a blog post itself (you can learn more about that in the video below), managing of other settings fallows.

Individual Settings

Under the Image option you can set the illustrative image (mustn't be larger than 16 MB) for your post. Then fill the description with a short sentence describing your post. However do not copy an already existing text from the post itself. Original text in the description will vastly help the optimization of your post for internet browsers.

Through tags you can divide your posts to different categories (separate them with commas). Keywords, the same as the description, are again important for the search engine optimization. You can read more on this subject in our basic SEO settings overview.

You can choose any publication date for your post and therefore plan it ahead. You can furthermore make your post for example disabled or set to show either only first few lines, or the whole article in your blog posts overview. You can then save your post as a draft before you decide to put it out there for the World to see.

Advanced settings

Secondary Settings

The remaining options are Change secret URL code and Change URL now. If you saved your article as a draft, its URL was dealt a special secret code so nobody can see this article without knowing the code. If you then select the Change secret URL code option, you can reset the secret code an therefore make it unavailable for those potential viewers you sent the article with the original code. You can use the Change URL now option if you changed the posts title and you can change its URL as well.