How to transfer your content from an old web to a new one

How to transfer your content from an old web to a new one

In one of our previous articles, we wrote about how you can easily change the design of your website. But what about when you already have a new design, but you need to fill it with the content from your original site? Because that is also not a problem.


If you contact our customer support and will be interested in moving your content to a new website, we will gladly transfer your blog, links to text pages, and the original layout of the individual pages from the old to your new website.

So basically the only thing you need to do is to re-upload your original images to your portfolio. Because if you upload your images on your new website the same way you did on the old one, they will appear on the same places - for example in specific blog posts or on individual subpages (because the new website will only draw the part of the images addresses that are identical to their location on the original website).

At the same time, it's not necessary for the images to be in the same galleries. In fact, the galleries they are in don't even have to be public (which means you can hide them outside of your public portfolio).

Transfer your content to a new design

The only condition is that the core images you will upload from your computer must have the same name as they had when you uploaded them for the first time to your original website. Otherwise the synchronisation will not be possible and you would have to change the illustrations or photos within your content manually.

You can of course delete images or replace them with other ones, but until you have the opportunity to upload the images from your computer to your own galleries instead of into each article separately, you can stay assured that your new website will have the same image layout as the old one and without uploading each image into every article over and over.

If you however don't have the original images or photos in your computer and you then wouldn't be able to upload them again, we can give you a file with your original images that we archived for exactly these purposes.