How to make your content interesting at first sight

How to make your content interesting at first sight

It doesn't matter how good your content is, because your visitors might not even get to it if they will be discouraged by the way you present it. In one of our previous articles, we wrote about how to follow the correct text typography. Now we will further discuss how to use this typography and other visual elements to beautify (but not overdo it) your content.

Correct Text Formatting

We established in our previous article how important it is to have some sort of visual stability your visitors could easily orient in.

Make Your Articles Look Good

In said article, you can also find how important it is to write your web with clear headline structure and using two font styles tops (which is supported by JuicyFolio), why it is better to write your content into narrower and shorter paragraphs and how important the color combination of your text and background with high enough contrast is.

Catchy Images

A key thing for a good readability of your website is a correct use of images. One of the main purposes of JuicyFolio as a professional portfolio provider is to offer you a visually quality images for your content that you can put and resize however you want.

Adding Image to Text

Content images can be put in between the text or next to it. But make sure your text isn't drown out by images or isn't unnoticeable. A correctly chosen image can do wonders for your content and interest some visitors that might otherwise not even notice your article.

Write Interestingly and to the Point

Lets say your content is now typographically clean and readable and will then bring the attention of lots of potential readers. But if your articles will be boring or they won't make much sense, you could as easily lost all your readers.

Content is the Alpha and Omega

The thing that sells best is always the story. This is why your visitors might be interested in a blog where you would share your thoughts or work experiences with them.

It is also important for your content to be correctly divided to appropriate categories, that means putting thematic articles on your blog and something about you for example on your contact page.