How to Correctly Refer to Your Web

How to Correctly Refer to Your Web

It won't come up as a big of a surprise that for a good propagation of your web and its optimization, you need to profusely disseminate links leading to your website. Either through other websites or social networks. But how to write these links with the best efficiency?

Mainly it is important for you to write links to your web (for instance www.juicyfolio.comwithout the "www." prefix. Writing links with this prefix is redundant for small websites these days. Also some search engines (even Google) may not take links with this prefix into consideration because it only refers to the main link and your link with the www. prefix is just an empty address.

Correct Referencing to Your Website

The magical "http://" at the beginning will make your link automatically clickable when used on social networks, if that does not already happen with "". In short: it is important for you to write links to your website unanimously, that means always without the www. prefix.

Finally, you should be careful with the link shorteners (, that are used for example on Twitter where you can use only a limited number of characters when typing. If you don't want to watch traffic from specific links, we do not recommend you to use these shorteners, because search engines then take values only from the external short links, not from the original link to your web.