Draw more attention to your Facebook page

Draw more attention to your Facebook page

Sharing your content on Facebook is getting harder and harder everyday. That is because Facebook is now trying to push us towards paid propagation at the expense of the free sharing, which is why your own content is starting to be less and less visible. You can reverse this to some extent, but you need to be really careful about it.

Draw attention with visuals

The Facebook sharing has always been driven by images. No matter if you share a specific link to your website or you just write a normal status, always drop some thematic image to the mix (a simple text without any images will draw almost no attention). And if you work with visuals on your portfolio, for example photographs or illustrations, getting some images for your status probably won't be that much of a problem.

Facebook users also respond well to videos that are now as popular or maybe even more popular then images. But at the same time if you upload your video directly to Facebook, you will draw even more attention than if you would only share a link from YouTube or Vimeo.

Use images when sharing your content

So if you have your own video (for example from an exhibition or other event), you can of course upload it on YouTube or Vimeo (perhaps if you would want to embed the video code to your website), but for Facebook, we recommend you to upload it on your timeline.

Keep an eye on what's new on Facebook

Facebook often updates, improves, or changes its functions. If you will keep up with these new features, you will be able to adapt to Facebook and to better promote yourself on it. You can watch these news either via Facebook Newsroom or in this overview. Also if you have your business on Facebook, you could be interested in this Facebook help site for businesses.

Advertise on Facebook

If you for example run an on-line shop or you offer services for which you use Facebook for business, you can use paid advertisement, which if basically the thing Facebook is pushing us all towards to.

Facebook advertising

You may think that using advertising on Facebook is only for large companies with lots of Facebook followers. But if you really produce quality content and you are able to narrow your target audience, you can achieve some good results with really not that much money.

Whenever you publish a post, Facebook will offer you to "boost it". That means to pay for an extra promotion of your post, where the lowest payment for one boost is 5$. But even this small amount can do wonders with your page views, if you specify to Facebook who do you want to target with your posts (for example through location or age specification).

You can similarly advertise your posts in the right banner of Facebook. You can read more about advertising on Facebook on this page.

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